Sport England Secondary Training Programme

Evolve Teaching School Alliance is working in partnership with Sport England to offer specialist training within secondary schools during the next academic year. The outcome of our work with Sport England will ensure that pupils within our Alliance schools will experience a greater breadth of PE, sport and physical activity, which will lead to better prepare for a positive future relationship with sport and physical activity.

Though our continuing work with Sport England we will be able to:

  • Develop pupils’ mental wellbeing, confidence and resilience through PE, school sport and physical activities that prioritise pupil enjoyment.
  • Create opportunities for all pupils – including those who don’t like PE – to try new activities (such as non-traditional sports and fitness classes) so they can discover ways to be physically active that work for them.
  • Explore how PE, school sport and physical activity can contribute to, or complement, core curriculum subjects by finding ways to bring activity into other subjects' lessons.

We will be providing updates of all of the great activity that we are doing through the Sport England Secondary programme through regular blogs and updates on the website. The project will launch in April 2020.