Nina Ralston


Ms Nina Ralston




Subject Leader of History


Queen Marys High School

Areas of Support

  • Leading a department
  • Driving up standards in History
  • Developing effective relationships

Ms Nina Ralston | History Subject Leader

I have hugely enjoyed the diversity and challenges of my role as a middle leader over the last 14 years. I was appointed by Queen Mary’s High School as Subject Leader for History in September 2006 having already led the History Department at The Broxbourne School in Hertfordshire from January 2004 – August 2006.

I am a highly-motivated, hardworking and successful leader of a consistently high-performing department. I believe that my breadth of experience, my skills and my successful work with other school leaders will enable me to play an effective role in system leadership. I am committed to, and excited by the challenge of, the effective diagnosis of the causes of under-achievement, the planning of appropriate strategies and the provision of appropriately challenging support mechanisms for teachers and leaders. I would relish the opportunity to act as a supportive and critical friend for middle leaders beyond my setting and I feel I could make a positive impact.

At a departmental level, I have great experience of driving up standards and supporting others in doing so, which includes:

  • the effective communication of a vision as the foundation for all work
  • the introduction of rigorous quality-assurance systems
  • sustaining the capacity for improvement by effectively blending the mix of staff within a team to develop a role for everyone that brings out their best and gains maximum impact on pupils.
  • the development of an effective and enjoyable curriculum (engagement and retention of pupils)

Beyond my department, I regularly lead staff INSET at QMHS and across the Mercian Trust on issues such as differentiation, effective learning dialogues, developing your staff and effective strategies for moving a department forward.


Within my area of expertise, I have a proven track record of success and improvement. I lead and manage a department in which pupil attainment is impressive and consistently well above targets for value-added and APS.

Analysis of data from my annual Assessment Review suggests that the Department’s ongoing self-evaluation, and associated intervention strategies, is effective. As evidenced by external results, I have shown that positive improvements can happen within a short space of time and become sustainable through a dedicated, enthusiastic approach and a clear-sighted vision.

I have gained valuable experience of presenting to the entire staff body at QMHS, in recognition of my expertise in teaching/learning and leadership/management. The impact of this work is praised by my line-manager as having positively influenced other departments and colleagues with clear outcomes.

In addition, I have successfully mentored a number of NQTs and GTP students, with outstanding outcomes (as verified by an external inspection of NQT provision).

Having led two departments successfully and seen them flourish, expand and make a positive impact on others, I would now like to bring my energy, skills and experience to make an impact across local schools.