Mrs Gemma Francis




Curriculum Lead for Maths


Elmwood School

Areas of Support

  • Special Education Needs
  • Behaviour and Discipline
  • Leadership of Curriculum

Mrs Gemma Francis | Curriculum Lead for Maths

I am dedicated to improving the standard of Maths in schools and ensure that every student is able to access a varied and innovative curriculum to educate and inspire. I am particularly driven to reach challenging students who have already experienced challenges in accessing the curriculum. I want all students to achieve their personal best and believe I can adapt any curriculum to ensure children engage and learn in and around my classroom.

As curriculum lead I have been able to improve attainment and progress so that 90% of students across key stage 3 and 4 achieve good or outstanding progress from baseline entry and believe I am equipping them with the knowledge and understanding they need in order to continue post 16 studies and succeed independently. I am able to highlight individual’s skills and nurture them for the benefit of both the individual and the department, thus positively impacting on their school performance as a whole.