A Axman


Mrs Amanda Axman




Director of Humanities


Ormiston Shelfield

Areas of Support

  • Closing the Gap for Boys
  • Learning and Teaching
  • English Curriculum Specialist

Mrs Amanda Axman | Humanities

As an overseas trained teacher from Canada, I began teaching in England in 2010. I worked as Key Stage 3 co-ordinator, Second in Department and eventually Head of the English department in my first school in an area with economic and social difficulties. Responsibilities during this time included working carefully with data to explore targeted intervention, coaching and mentoring of new teachers, including PGCE, NQT and OTT, to ensure a full understanding of both curriculum expectations and improve elements of teaching and learning.

After relocating four years ago, I was appointed as a Lead Teacher in my current school which involves coaching staff both within and outside my department to improve elements of their teaching, marking, and relationships with students. In 2016, I was appointed the school lead on boys’ achievement which involved the research and development of a whole school action plan. I used student voices and research to create whole school CPD and worked closely with a group of department representatives to develop a best fit approach for various subjects. Training was provided for staff through Action Research Groups where staff were accountable for their own research used to directly enhance their practice.

I am a practitioner who is passionate about my subject of English and the process of supporting male learners to help unlock their full potential in education. I am enthusiastic about working with others to help create their own success for students as well.


After leading a whole school working party to improve the achievement of boys, my project resulted in positive results for GCSE with the 2017 results showing a decrease in the gap between male and female students by 6% from 2016 results.  Results showed boys in the academy outperforming the national average, with our disadvantaged male students outperforming the national average by 0.33%. Boys attendance has also increased in the previous two years and continues to do so as a result of resilience and relationship training with staff and students.

Progress has continued to be made through my plan by raising boys achievement in Key Stage 3 through a greater emphasis on literacy across the academy as a whole and the implementation of several strategies such as weekly DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) activities and ‘Readathon’ sessions which have been used to promote a love for reading in male students in Year 7 and 8. I have created innovative revision methods to engage males including online podcasts and revision podcasts which were recognised in a recent DfE report after a school visit. I look forward to sharing processes and ideas with other schools to help implement a school ethos that creates a passion for learning in all students.