Mr Paul Bowen


Outcomes for Pupils


Assistant Headteacher


Etone College

Areas of Support

  • Outcomes for Pupils & Assessment
  • Leadership of Continuing Professional Development
  • Closing the Gap

Mr Paul Bowen | Outcome for Pupils

Since joining Etone college in 2003, i have held a variety of roles ranging from Teacher and Head of Physical Education, Pastoral Head and currently assistant headteacher. My responsibility incorporates outcomes for pupils, closing the gap of vulnerable groups, setting of baselines, assessment and reporting to parents.

I'm motivated to ensure all pupils make necessary progress to attain their dreams. I endeavour to provide all pupils with the opportunity to succeed regardless of their social background or circumstances and i work hard to ensure my colleagues have the knowledge and understanding on how to maximise a pupil's life chances. With this in mind, i have lead staff on developing and then introducing a whole school target setting system following 'life after levels'. I have led and collaborated with a team to develop monitoring of assessment data and supported staff to successfully monitor and intervene with groups of pupils to improve outcomes through regular data review meetings.

I have supported and led a range of CPD sessions at department, whole school and senior leadership level. Furthermore, i support middle leaders to introduce strategies to motivate and empower their staff in their role to improve outcomes for all pupils they teach or look after.


Through my leadership i have motivated and inspired the staff at my school to establish new practices and quality assurance processes to address the issue of monitoring of pupils' progress and collaborated with all leaders about assessment, the monitoring and robustness of the data. Rigorous systems now monitor pupils' achievement, so that prompt and effective action is taken to bring about the required improvements.

The introduction of appropriate training ensures all leaders are now confident about the accuracy of assessment and the reliability of predictions about the standards of pupils' work. Through my leadership i have encourage Middle Leaders to play an increasingly important role in supporting the development of assessment where they now systematically track the progress of pupils in order to identify those who are at risk of underperforming. These processes have motivated colleagues to review their assessment practices and procedures and they now have the ability to effectively analyse data through consistent tracking systems to monitor pupil outcomes.