Mr Kevin Shilton


Initial Teacher Training


SCITT Director


Barr Beacon School

Areas of Support

  • Development of Initial Teacher Training Programmes
  • Development of Professional Studies Programmes
  • Development of Teaching and Learning

Mr Kevin Shilton | SCITT Director

Since joining Barr Beacon School 6 years ago I have held a variety of responsibilities within both a departmental and whole school capacity. Over the past 3 years I have led the School Direct programme in the capacity of Professional Mentor, culminating in the successful application to become a SCITT in July 2015. In my current role as SCITT Director I am responsible for all aspects of our SCITT programme.

With a proven track record of developing and nurturing trainees and newly qualified colleagues, I believe that my qualities would allow me to make a significant contribution as an SLE. My experience in leading our School Direct programme and more recently in the role of SCITT Director of Barr Beacon SCITT, places me in a position where I have a key understanding of the changing landscape of teacher training. My experiences in leading a successful training programme have allowed me to provide support to other schools that are looking to develop and improve their own training programme.

I believe that a high quality teacher training programme is essential as we continue to move into a school led system which places schools in the forefront of teacher training. I believe that if you can ensure that training programmes equip trainees with the key skills and knowledge to become outstanding classroom practitioners, they will then be able to mould, shape and enrich the lives of pupils in all schools to achieve the best possible outcomes.


• After leading reviews and action plans on a range of Safeguarding areas including: School site improvements, anti-bullying practice, pupil’s safeguarding and PSHE curriculum and staff safeguarding CPD, LGBT+ work and behaviour/gang affiliation work, pupils have stated they feel more safe in school.

• After an audit of practice, I led a piece of work to re structure the school’s attendance team and re wrote the attendance policy and protocols which resulted in sustainable improvement.

• Having co led on whole school behaviour and de-escalation intervention, re written behaviour protocols and created a new and bespoke step consequence ladder we have reduced our exclusion data.

• Student Social Workers In School (SSWIS) – I have initiated a project at Dame Elizabeth to offer placements for Student social workers. 3 social workers have qualified (1 per academic year under my on-site supervision and a succession plan is in place to employ 1 in May 2018). 11 successful placements in total since working in collaboration with the SWISS project and local universities 2011. IMPACT - Raised attendance, greater early help offer, increased success rate of EHA/TF/CASS (children’s services) referrals.

• After creating a proactive safeguarding CPD calendar, running topic days and assemblies I have doubled the safeguarding concerns raised by staff into me as DSL due to greater awareness and confidence in signs of safeguarding concerns. This has led to earlier intervention and better understanding of safeguarding trends within the school.

• As a home office WRAP accredited trainer, after delivering our annual PREVENT awareness and WRAP training, I saw an increased staff understanding regarding their PREVENT awareness and responsibilities in 2017.