Mr Jayesh Chauhan




Director of Mathematics


Etone College

Areas of Support

  • Raising Achievement in Mathematics
  • Development of Assessment & Data Tracking
  • Subject Leader Support

Mr Jayesh Chauhan | Director of Maths & Extended Leadership

I have been Director of Mathematics for almost three years at Etone College and more recently have moved into the Leadership team with the responsibility for Curriculum and timetable. Prior to moving to Etone College, I was second in Mathematics for eight years at Guilsborough School in Northamptonshire and subject lead in the GUTP SCITT programme for the partnership schools for three years. I have always had a passion for my subject and as a Mathematics graduate I always wanted to teach and share the joy of education, not only with the students I have in my classroom, but also to students across my school and beyond – all of whom have a right to a great education.

I have taught up to A level including Further Mathematics and helped students achieve great results at both Key Stage 4 and 5. I have been involved in delivering training to many trainee teachers in areas such as pedagogy and teaching and learning strategies. More recently I have also been involved in the continuing professional development of experienced teachers providing coaching sessions to improve their practice.


Upon taking the role of Director of Mathematics three years ago, results across all measures in the subject were well below national figures. Within a year and following an overhaul of assessment procedures, data tracking, monitoring, and intervention, results were on a par with national figures.

Within that same first year, I built the foundations to lead the subject and team into the new 9-1 GCSE; new schemes to match the curriculum, new assessment to check new content and robust data tracking to chart and map the outcome of students. The results of the first cohort through the new GCSE are over 80% gaining grades 9-4 and 60% gaining grades 9-5 which is well above national average. We continue to succeed at A Level as well with 100% pass rate and over 60% of students gaining A at AS Level. I look forward to offering advice, guidance CPD and INSET to any teacher, departments or school on delivering Mathematics at Key Stages 3, 4 & 5.