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Mr David Lowbridge-Ellis


Feedback & Teacher Workload


Deputy Headteacher


Barr Beacon School

Areas of Support

  • The best methods for ensuring pupils receive effective feedback
  • Teacher Workload
  • Leading a change of culture so that teachers lose their ‘martyr to marking’ mindset

Mr David Lowbridge-Ellis | Feedback & Teacher Workload

David has a decade’s worth of senior leadership experience, substantively at Barr Beacon School, but he has also worked extensively in a range of other schools in very different contexts – from those in Special Measures to Outstanding providers. Delivering CPD has always been, and continues to be, his primary passion. He delights in communicating complex ideas, tailoring them to different audiences. Although assessment is the aspect of leadership he currently enjoys the most, he also has extensive experience of teaching and learning, quality assurance, parental engagement, staff wellbeing, all aspects of post-16, equality and diversity, British Values, preventing radicalisation, self-evaluation and improvement planning, all of which he is currently leading on.

He has a First Class BA (Hons) degree in English language and literature and a Masters degree in Leading Educational Change. He has also contributed to a range of educational publications.


David has played key roles in bringing several schools out of Special Measures, including delivering CPD, developing and implementing monitoring procedures, improvement planning and evaluating all aspects of school performance prior to Ofsted inspections. As well as ‘talking the talk’ he always believes in the power of ‘walking the walk’ and he has expanded the leadership capacity of every school he has worked in, doing everything from lesson observations to being Head Teacher.

In terms of assessment, David successfully led the change in marking practice which caused teachers at Barr Beacon to halve their marking time, before making further changes to halve it again – and then again. In the year that teachers went from spending 4 hours on a set of marking to spending just 1 hour on a set of marking Barr Beacon School’s Progress 8 rose to +0.33. As well as making teacher’s workloads significantly more manageable, he ensured pupils were actually receiving improved feedback. The practices David introduced are now being adopted in several other schools.

David’s work attracted the attention of both the SSAT and the Department for Education, for both of whom he delivered conference presentations and wrote blog posts. The work was also featured in SecEd and in Schools Week, becoming one of their most read and shared stories.