Mr Alec Masson


Innovative Curriculum Design


Assistant Headteacher


Barr Beacon School

Areas of Support

  • Curriculum Design for KS3/4
  • Developing Teaching & Learning
  • Subject Leadership

Mr Alec Masson | Innovative Curriculum Design

I have been an Assistant Headteacher at Barr Beacon School for just over 2 Years and since arriving in 2016, I have successfully set up and developed the schools RAF Cadet Force; developed International links with schools across Europe providing pupils and staff with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Previous to Barr Beacon, I have worked as an Assistant Head Teacher at an ethnically diverse school with high social deprivation with responsibility for tracking and monitoring student progress in KS4 achievement. I held a lead role in disseminating PIXL practice into whole school improvement whilst also developing raising aspiration projects across whole school. As a result of this work, I was asked to join the PIXL National PE Strategy Team and delivered at the UP 4 the Challenge conference in London on assessment in Physical Education. Prior to this, I was Curriculum Leader for Physical Education for 4 and half years where I played a key role in the school’s Teaching and Learning team.


Through my various roles leading and line managing Physical Education, I have made significant improvements to the quality of Teaching and Learning by changing culture and expectations and restructuring the staffing in the PE department to harness the strengths of individuals. At all Key Stages I have used a number of innovative curriculum designs to maximise pupil participation, increasing numbers that choose Physical Education subjects at both Key Stage 4 and 5. The leadership of this subject then developed into a whole school Teaching and Learning role where I supported the school moving out of a category with Teaching Learning being judged as good. As an Assistant Headteacher I have led on areas that have made significant impact on whole school attainment resulting in a 15% increase over a 3 year trend.

In my current role, I use a systematic approach to develop the school’s RAF Cadet Force, retaining high numbers of Cadets after the initial start-up period and as a result the RAF allowed us to over school staff for adult volunteers, again providing opportunities for further staff professional and personal development. As a lead for International Links I have successfully bid for staff places on various International workshops including Greece, Martinique and Iceland whilst at the same time embedding German and Sicilian exchanges into the school calendar.