Miss Amy Clayton


Pupil Achievement


Director of Humanities


Barr Beacon School

Areas of Support

  • Pupil achievement – Humanities (Geography, History and RE)
  • Quality of teaching – ITT/NQT
  •  RE (KS3)  Philosophy and Ethics (KS4 and 5)  Sociology (KS4 and 5)

Miss Amy Clayton | Director of Humanities

As Director of Humanities at Barr Beacon School I have worked within a large Faculty to secure pupil achievement across a number of subjects. I work closely with Heads of Department and staff who hold TLR positions to develop strategies that enable my team to be more effective in their practice within the classroom. As Director of Humanities I have been able to successfully lead colleagues in a range of different subject areas. In order to achieve this I have needed to identify what works to achieve the best pupil progress across subjects and implement this in all areas of the Faculty. In my role I have led teams in designing and implementing curriculum changes across the Faculty. I also lead other post-holders in ensuring pupil data is analysed in order to identify and address pupil underachievement.


As Director of Humanities I have been able to secure improved results across a range of subjects. Results within the Humanities department have improved throughout my time as director. GCSE History results in particular results improved from 68% A*-C in 2014 to 85% A*-C by 2016. A Level History results also increased from 65% A*-C in 2014 to 100% A*-C the following year in 2015. More recently there have been significant improvements to results following the introduction of new A Level specifications. In A Level Geography results have increased from 67% A*-C in 2017 to 69% in 2018. Similarly, A Level Sociology results have improved from 60% A*-C in 2017 to 88% A*-C in 2018. I have been integral in securing pupil results through building a strong team of colleagues who consistently reflect on their own teaching practice in order to provide pupils with the best learning experience. This enables all members of the Faculty to be invaluable to pupil progression and achieving good academic qualifications for the next stage of their education.