Mr Mike Dunn


Head Teacher Dame Elizabeth Cadbury

Mr M Dunn

Since becoming a Head Teacher, I have experienced first-hand an invaluable benefit from support within a variety of networks. These networks, support from groups or from individuals has been crucial in evaluating, steering, moderating and advising on a wide range of school improvement priorities and challenges.

I am now in the privileged position of supporting schools and new Heads across a number of Birmingham schools. As part of this support, I have again seen the mutual benefit of working with other leaders and other schools to collaboratively support system-wide improvement.

Talent, expertise and wisdom is held within schools by their leaders and staff; talent expertise and wisdom must be shared in order to improve all schools for all children.

I believe that the most inspirational schools go beyond academic outcomes and provide something special for the children and families in the community they serve. I work in a fantastic school with amazing staff who give their all to our youngsters every day. We have a culture of ‘non nonsense’ and ‘no excuses’ where coaching and mentoring work hand-in-hand to challenge, grow and develop every colleague to deliver something genuinely outstanding for all children.

In my LLE work to date, I have led budgetary reviews and supported associated curriculum driven staff planning. I have enjoyed supporting multiple schools in reviewing and improving personal development, behaviour and welfare, performance management (including HR cases) as well as curriculum reviews across whole school and at subject level to assist others in improving provision and outcomes.

I believe that School and peer support across local and wider networks are the driving force to improving a system which can and should enable every child to attend a sustainably great school where they develop into highly successful adults.