Mrs Jemma Key




Teacher of Art


Ormiston Shelfield

Areas of Support

  • Pupil Achievement in Art & Design
  • Curriculum Development

Mrs Jemma Key | Teacher of Art

I have a strong passion and energy for my subject and the development of creativity in young people. Since qualifying as a teacher in 2009, I have shown drive, commitment and enthusiasm in the succession of Senior Teaching and Head of Department/ Faculty roles I have held. I have been an experienced leader in a number of different capacities, but most enjoyable has been focusing on my subject and developing a strong team who shared an ethos and determination to achieve outstanding results for students. After completing a Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning I became heavily involved with the Teaching and Learning team, leading whole staff CPD training sessions with themes including Modelling, Differentiation, Scaffolding, Effective use of data as a leader, and Citizenship and cross-curricular linking. I have experience in supporting the set-up of departments through Trust expansion.

Curriculum development and expectation has been at the heart of successes, developing robust schemes of learning, introducing new qualifications, improving teaching and learning strategies, and developing trainees and experienced members of staff through monitoring, tracking and observation cycles. My involvement with Action groups are used to continue to develop the practice of staff across our department and support staff career progression. Within my roles I have demonstrated diverse management abilities and the creative intelligence to design, deliver and support a varied and challenging curriculum whilst maintaining high standards, expectations and the ethos of the school.


Through my leadership there has been an improved confidence of standards across departments, where sharing practice is common place. Curriculum changes reflected the needs of the learners, resulting in embedded skills through the key stages. As a Head of Faculty our department results were outstanding, exceeding national and local averages and securing excellent student progress year on year.

Departments were improved through quality assurance, learning walks, work audits, student voice, staff CPD, changes in schemes of learning, improving the appropriateness of qualifications and early interventions to ensure students attainment. Effective department assessment which links to whole school priorities supported sustained and improved results, alongside supporting and mentoring staff at all levels of their career.

I look forward to sharing processes and ideas with other schools to cultivate a strong curriculum which allows all learners to experience a wide range of practices and produce excellent outcomes for students.