Miss Emily Hanson


Physical Education


Subject Course Leader - PE


Barr Beacon School

Areas of Support

  • Development of Physical Education Initial Teacher Training (ITT)
  • Curriculum Support in Physical Education (engaging pupils in creating sports habits; particularly female pupils)
  • Mentoring and coaching to support staff development

Miss Emily Hanson | Subject Course Leader - Physical Education

In my role as Subject Course Leader for PE I have been motivated to ensure that pupils get the best deal from trainee teachers to ensure consistent progress is maintained. It is crucial, for both the trainee and pupils, that mentors and classroom teachers are well informed, trained and confident to best support and develop trainees. I am committed to supporting others in their role to develop trainees’ pedagogy and professional development. My experience of coaching and mentoring has given me the skills to develop the capacity of other leaders in ITT. I have been part of joint internal moderations of trainee assessments and I have recently been part of a successful Ofsted inspection for Barr Beacon SCITT. I have also successfully implemented an engaging KS4 Core curriculum in my role as Second in Sport and Performing Arts enabling pupils to gain more independence and choice around different areas of study, sport and activities.


In my role as Subject Course Leader for PE I have seen 100% of PE trainees graded as Good or Outstanding in their final report in the last 2 years. 100% of PE trainees have also gained employment after their training year. I have also collaborated with other providers which has impacted all trainees involved as facility resources have been shared to ensure trainees are gaining the best possible training.

I have worked alongside school mentors in supporting with assessments of trainees by modelling written observation feedback and oral feedback, linked to the criteria, to ensure consistency and standardisation across the partner schools. The impact of this was evident when the final term reports were consistent with my own judgements and the judgements made by the SCITT core team for PE trainees.

In my department role a new core scheme of work was formed giving pupils the opportunity to choose their own pathway of sports and activities. The impact of this has resulted in increased effort and engagement by pupils and an increase in behaviour. There have been significant changes to female pupil engagement as a result of the new scheme of work that has been implemented.